The Therapy Couch

Motivational Monday | 3.27.2017

I know Monday is not something everyone looks forward to.  You got going back to work, school, the daily grind, etc. and don’t we all the weekend could stretch another day…or two…or three…or a whole other week 😀 So to kick off each Monday I thought I’d do a “Motivational Monday” post with an inspirational/motivational…… Continue reading Motivational Monday | 3.27.2017

Subscription Boxes

Sephora PLAY! | March 2017

The Sephora PLAY! Box is here!!!! March is all about getting your glam on and all the products included helps you do just that.  Let’s check them out… First up GLAMGLOW GLAMSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer.  This is a “2-in-1 moisturizer and luminizer that hydrates, blurs, and enhances any complexion with a lit-from-within finish.”  It is…… Continue reading Sephora PLAY! | March 2017

Subscription Boxes

Getting Back in the Groove…

With all the subscription box options out there, who needs to wonder what to get and what are the newest and best things out there!  There are so many box options tailored to the different interests of every person.  I’ve always viewed subscription boxes as monthly presents to yourself…you never know what you’re gonna get!!!…… Continue reading Getting Back in the Groove…