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BYOB Club – February 2017

Welcome to February’s BYOB Club (FIRST) meeting!  Thank you for stopping by, checking out the post, and sharing your input 🙂

So normally I would read 2-3 books a month but recently I’ve just been slacking with all the work and everything, but I did manage to finish a book which I’ve picked up from the local library.

  • Title – The Devil Wears Prada
  • Author – Lauren Weisberger
  • Genre – Chick Lit
  • Published – Oct. 6, 2003 by Broadway Books
  • Pages – 360
  • ISBN – 0-7679-1476-7

Since this book was also made into a movie (and you’re interested in checking it out):

  • Movie Starring – Meryl Streep (as Miranda Priestly) and Anne Hathaway (as Andy Sachs)
  • Released – Jun. 30, 2006 by 20th Century Fox
  • Run Time – 109 minutes

The Devil Wears Prada movie poster

***WARNING – Possible spoilers if you have not watched or read the story.  I will try to keep it to a minimum but just putting this out there just in case***

I’ve first seen the movie version of the book and it has been my all-time chick movie for a night in with snacks or on a rainy or snowy day.  I’ve known that the movie was based on a book and I am usually the type that would go “no I gotta read the book first then the show/movie” (hence I’ve never yet watched Game of Thrones – gasp!).  After reading the book, however, the movie still remains my favorite which is odd since I usually prefer the books for their background info that is often left out of the movie adaptations.

The premise of the book follows Andrea (Andy) Sachs, a literature major and newly college grad who moved to the Big Apple (NYC) to become a publisher.  In her search for a job she came upon an opening for an assistant to the biggest fashion magazine editor in the industry (Miranda Priestly).  But her boss turns out to be the boss from hell – who when she wants something she wants done now if not already the day before.  Andy is promised that if she completes a one-year internship/employment, she is guaranteed to land a lucrative position anywhere she wants.

For the most part, the book and movie follow along the same storyline with a few differences.  What I enjoyed about the book, as mentioned above, is the background information that is often left out of movie adaptations due to timing, budgeting, or overall just not fitting in with the storyline as adapted on-screen.  Getting to know Andy’s family background sheds light on her skepticism of the beauty and fashion industry and why it took her a long time to adjust to her work environment.

However, this book is perhaps one of the few instances where the movie was way better than the book (and here’s where some spoilers may come in…).  Throughout the book, Andy maintained her skepticism of the industry and her job all throughout her employment with never having understanding or appreciation of the industry.  While it was sometimes possible to feel sorry for Andy, it was hard for me to do so because of her attitude and feeling victimized all the time, when it was her decision to pursue this position that she could have turned down.  The movie Andy, however, eventually does grow into her job and develops an appreciation and understanding of the industry, the importance of her role, and the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved to keep the workings of a major fashion magazine going.

Another thing that I found I enjoyed more in the movie was the character development of the boss from hell, Miranda Priestly.  In the book, you don’t really feel any character development or personality to Miranda, making her a one-dimensional, demanding, yelling, and screaming boss.  In the movie you can tell she’s a no-nonsense boss that wants things done on the dot, but you can also see the personal side of her and vulnerability under the tough face she puts forward to have got to where she is now.  For example, when she is crying as she is talking about her divorce, or (in a deleted scene – you can find it on YouTube) she is mouthing “thank you” to Andy as she helps her out with a situation with her husband at a party.

As this book was also a movie, it was all but hard to not compare the two and include them in my post.  Often time when a book is made into a movie, a lot of the material in the book gets left on the cutting room floor because it just does not fit in the movie story, sometimes leaving a lot of gaps for those that have not read the book to understand.  One great example is some of the Harry Potter movies which leave out a lot of background and fill-in material that leave those that haven’t read the books lost as to what/why/or how certain things happen.  Another example of the opposite being true is the Lord of the Rings trilogy where the movies are so well-made that the information left out of the movies from the book can be easily overlooked without leaving the viewer wondering and scratching their heads.  As you can probably tell, I am a big Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan (or nerd as my family likes to say) and these are the examples that easily popped into my head in illustrating my comparisons.

Hope you all enjoyed this month’s BYOB Club post.  I’d love to know what books you have been enjoying or what you’ve finished so far this year.  You may follow along with my reading progress and read books in my Goodreads widget on the right hand side of this post.

Happy readings to you all…until our next meeting 🙂



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