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Hi guys!  In my last check-in I said I was thinking about doing some Polishes of the Week (POTW) posts, so here is my first one! 🙂

Beginning of last week I had on gel nails in this pink color, but it was so badly done at the salon that I didn’t even take a picture of it or anything so I took it off and wore the ones below.

Zoya polish in Tove/Satin.  I used Sally Hansen’s Nail Strengthener as a base coat and Zoya’s quick drying drops.  Because this was a satin finish kind of polish I did not apply a top coat, so it had an almost matte kind of look and wasn’t too shiny.  I love Zoya polishes and have the base coat, top coat and quick drying drops, which I usually wear whenever I put on Zoya polishes because they really do all work together to give you a longer lasting manicure.  However, because I had just scrapped my nails from the gel polish that I had done at the salon, I decided to use something to give them a little help.

Formula X in Intensity, a neutral/pinkish color.  Although that particular color is no longer at Sephora, they still have some other amazing colors.  For nail cleaner, base coat, and top coat I used the Formula X System.  I feel that when I use the Formula X polishes with the base coat/top coat system, the end result looks like a gel manicure and has good lasting power.  I only had this on for one day though for my friend’s engagement, but in the past I’ve had it on for days (a little over a week) and it was still intact and hardly any chipping.

I love polishing my nails and I got a HUGE polish collection (some of which I have not even worn yet!).  I will try to keep this post regularly, some weeks will have more/less than others.  Hopefully this will be a bit of a motivation for me to get out my manicure kit and get to work 😀



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