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Fortune Cookie Soap Box – Spring 2016

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, Fortune Cookie Soap’s Spring 2016 box is called “Let It Grow” featuring many of their favorites in amazing floral scents.  As I’m posting this sometime after I have already started using some of these products, I will also include my thoughts on them.


Guardian of the Forest – Fortune Cookie Soap – The namesake of the company, this fortune cookie-shaped soap’s scent is described as “a bouquet of spring flowers and top it off with a squeeze of fresh-cut meyer lemons.”


This Thing? – OCD Hand Sanitizer – A staple in every box (and in my purse!), this hand sanitizer’s scent is described as “bright orange notes blend perfectly with sweet vanilla and a hint of citrusy-lemon and delicate florals.”


Disco Tree – Whipped Cream – I am already almost done with this!  I love all things floral and FCS’s whipped creams are always so moisturizing and this is especially is up my ally 🙂  Scent description is “blend of fresh picked berries, lily of the valley, and sandalwood.”


Unless…Pedi-Bomb – Like a bath bomb but for your feet!  Scent description is “fresh spring water with just a hint of algae, flowing through hyacinths and water lilies, grounded by dirt and oakmoss, earthy woods & resins.”


Oh Hair – Shampoo Bar – Although they sent one before in a past box, I don’t remember using it.  Pretty good, smells great, and you can get a few uses out of it.  Really cleanses your hair quite well too – “fresh peach nectar and shaved grapefruit, garnished with a sprig of thyme.”


One C – Cuticle Oil – I don’t know about you, but my cuticles could really need some moisturizing in this dry and cold weather.  In the past they have included cuticle butter, but I think I like this way better!  “Warm woods and swirled with patchouli and topped with a dollop of creamy vanilla.”


Paradise Found – Petal Perfume – “Delicate freesia, bruised rose petals, fresh mangos & strawberries darkened by Tonka bean & amber.  Beautiful perfection.”  It truly is!  If you are a floral gal like me, you’ll love the floral sent of this perfume.


In Organic – Shower Steamer – Not the biggest of fans of these shower steamers.  I have received them a few times and used them in the shower as instructed (don’t put it directly in line of water so it doesn’t go down the drain…but it does anyways).  Scent description is “explosion of fresh squeezed lemons intertwined with hand picked parsley” – only when I got really close (and I mean my nose was almost touching the thing) was I able to smell it, however, did not really release much of a fragrance in the shower.

Bonus – The confetti included can be planted!!!

FCS will be launching the full sizes of this collection on Friday, Feb. 19 at 6pm CST.  To join the party log on to and for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

FCS website –

Until next time….XOXO


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