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Upcoming Planner Series

Planning Panic

It’s that time of year again!!!  Leaves turning, weather changing, holidays just around the corner…and shopping to find that perfect planner to use for the upcoming year to keep you tidy and organized with your crazy schedule.

Ever since the days when they used to give us those school agendas on the first day of school for our homework assignments and hall passes, I’ve used planners mainly as an “assignment  due” log and have been using occasionally ever since.  Since last year, however, planning has taken on a whole different view for me and I am excited to share with you all these changes in this upcoming planner series.

I use 3 planners (yes three!) and will be sharing with you guys how I use them, what I use them for, and how/where you can get your own.  I will also share with you the planner that I will be using next year (hint…it’s the same brand I’ve been using this year too LOL!).

Stay tuned…!!!



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